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The Tasty Homemade Goodness.

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Our Boutique Factory

The Homemade Factory is a boutique bakery designed with an eye toward our family’s culinary history, our passion for serving others and our relentless attention to detail. Every single product that we deliver is the result of a relentless pursuit of perfection and pays homage to the all the great bakers past, present and future.


Our recipes have been handed down for generations, and time tested. In order for a product to make it to our customers, we relentlessly test and re-test our recipes, to ensure that the final product is not simply classic but remains fresh and relevant.

We Only Use the Finest Ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients, from our extracts and spices to our flour, sugar and produce. We spare no expense on ingredients, such as vanilla bean and chocolate, and our simple approach lets the quality and freshness of our ingredients shine through.  This also allows us to maintain a health-conscious approach to our baked goods, while preserving nutritional value.


Through time honored recipes, superior ingredients, and meticulous preparation we are able to develop amazing flavors. From the freshly ground nutmeg, to our use of premium flour in our cakes and breads, we are sure that you will taste the difference.  Although our products are classics, this attention to detail shines through where it matters most and brings unmatched freshness to our products.

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